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Emsculpt Neo is the newest in advanced technology and FDA approved to non-invasively provide lipolysis permanently destroying 30% of the fat cells in the treated area while also building muscle. Patients are seeing the best results they've had with this treatment. Each treatment of 28 minutes is equivalent to 24,000 crunches or muscle contraction and flexion. This is huge. How is this possible? With Emsculpt Neo using RF and HIFEM technology, we are able to treat all skin types and most sizes up to a 35 BMI. Emsculpt Neo bypasses the brains limitations to activate 100% of the muscle fiber and breaks down the lactic acid while utilizing radio frequency to destroy fat cells. Take advantage of our savings for this back to school special and schedule your free consultation now.

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Sculpsure and Cool Sculpting are the only two FDA approved body contouring treatments that permanently destroy fat cells. After much research on body contouring systems, Dr. Doucet chose Sculpsure for several reasons. SculpSure is the newest technology and uses Laser Lipolysis which is safer for the patient and produces a smooth result while Cool Sculpting uses Cryolipolysis (freezing) that can lead to complications, post-treatment discomfort, and uneven results. Also, SculpSure is more efficient than Cool Sculpting because more areas can be treated in less time. Sculpsure has no downtime with virtually no side effects. Cool Sculpting patients report bruising, swelling, redness, numbness, and discomfort for two weeks or more. Following a SculpSure treatment, patients can go directly to the gym for a workout, to the beach, or resume regular activities immediately with no visible evidence in the treatment area.

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