Laser Hair Removal

Imagine no more prickles! Laser Hair Removal is a fabulous option for the permanent reduction and removal of excess and unwanted hair. Intense Pulsed Light Therapy is a safe and effective method that stops the normal hair growth cycle. Our Clinical Estheticians use a laser hand piece to gently deliver light energy to the target area. Treatment is relatively painless and post procedure discomfort is minimal with immediate recovery. A series of sessions is required at 4 week intervals for effective treatment. Sessions are performed once a month consecutively for 3 to four months. Some people may require a maintenance session every 3 or 4 months for the first year. Packages are designed for most areas of the body. Please call for pricing and details.
Treatment areas include: Bikini/Brazilian, Underarms, Abdomen, Hands,Face, Arms, Legs, Chest, Feet, Back

Laser Hair Removal by Doucet Med Spa

Doucet Med Spa is one of the most well-respected, reputable laser hair removal clinics in Corpus Christi TX. Our hard-won reputation is the result of years in the laser industry, perfecting our skills and ensuring everything we do uses the very latest technology and the most experienced people. In fact, our laser hair removal clinic staff undergo rigorous testing and ongoing training, so our customers get the best and most experienced people available. We are honest with our clients, meaning we tell you upfront what results you can realistically expect from our hair removal service. We believe that laser hair reduction should be affordable. For this reason our clinic offers the most cost-effective service in Corpus Christi whilst not sacrificing quality.

Our clinic offers the best, most permanent hair removal system using the very latest international hair removal technology. We use the latest laser technology on the market, which means our lasers are the most effective for permanent hair removal! This means that you will be treated more successfully and need fewer sessions compared to other forms of laser hair removal equivalents.

Our laser hair removal system can remove unsightly hair from your face, nose, ears, eyebrows, cheeks, neck, back, chest, feet, arms, genital area and more. In fact, we can permanently remove hair from just about anywhere!


What You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal are often marketed the same, however they are two separate technologies.

The term “Laser” has become somewhat of a generic term when describing hair removal. We prefer to use the IPL technology.

#1 Your hair must have color

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is attracted to pigment.  If you are light blonde or grey in the area you want treated, more than likely you will not be a candidate for treatment, however it is best to come in for a complimentary consultation.

#2 Find out who will be performing your treatment

It is imperative that your laser operator is well trained and experienced.  Licensed Estheticians (as opposed to just technicians) understand how the skin works and what each skin type can tolerate to get you the best results. Our Estheticians each have over 7 years of experience.  Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light are two very powerful therapies.  It is extremely important that the treatment settings are appropriate for your skin type and that thorough treatment records are documented.

#3 Does it hurt?

Our system has “cool tip technology”.  The adjustable cooling technology keeps epidermal temperature lower to reduce treatment discomfort and minimize skin damage. The laser light pulse feels like the flick of a small rubber band.  We offer a topical numbing cream for those clients that are more sensitive.

#4 Laser Hair Removal is technically “Hair Reduction”

All Laser Hair Removal is hair reduction, whether it is Laser or IPL.  If anyone claims to offer 100% Hair Removal, RUN!  After 4-6 treatments most people would consider the treated area to be hair free, with the only hairs left growing being short fine vellus hairs. It is common for some hairs to regrow and require future ‘maintenance’ treatments.  Sometimes treatment requirements may vary due to coarseness of hair, hormones and ethnicity.

What parts of the body do we treat?

We treat most areas of the body. The most popular treatment areas for women include face, underarms, legs and bikini.  Men usually see us to treat the chest, back, neck, and beard.

What to expect after a Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

After a treatment the skin may look red and slightly swollen, but this should disappear within 24 hours. You can return to normal daily life straight away.

You should avoid direct sun exposure to your treatment area.  Refrain from using skincare that contains acids and treatment strength ingredients for approximately 5 days.

How to prepare for Laser Hair Removal Treatment:

Avoid new sun exposure. (tans and sunburn)

Avoid using treatment strength skincare on the area for a minimum of 5 days. Please call us if you have any questions.

Please alert us ahead of time if you are taking any medications.  Some medications can make you light sensitive.

No plucking for at least 2 weeks.

Shave the area to be treated the day of or day before.

Relax.. the results are sooo worth it!


Laser Hair Removal at Doucet Med Spa, our clients have come to expect:

• Affordable, premium quality treatments • Qualified staff and medical practitioners • A luxurious, discrete environment • Gentle process for maximum results So if you’re looking for a laser hair removal clinic which offers you an affordable way of removing unwanted hair almost anywhere on your face or body, allow Doucet Med Spa provide you with professional, discrete and friendly hair removal treatments. BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION TODAY with one of our friendly staff at (361) 400-2290