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What is it like having a Med Spa during COVID-19?

As I was thinking about what I wanted to write about for my next BLOG, I thought about this year, the Coronavirus and the pandemic.  2020 has definitely had its challenges.  The spa has been cruising for thirteen years and I am determined to keep things going.  How do I keep it safe for my clients and my staff?  How do I pay the bills?  Will people come for the services? Do I put that new radio-frequency micro-needling device purchase on hold?  All of these questions have run through my mind along with many others. I thought I would share this experience and my vulnerability during a pandemic.  These concerns don’t only apply to Doucet Med Spa but to all businesses.

Safety first…So, I shut down the spa before it was mandated back on March 16th.  I was worried about exposure to all the clients and the staff.  How was I going to protect everyone?  The guidelines from the CDC were constantly changing and I have been working on the frontlines at hospitals since the beginning feeling the frustration with uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus.

During the close, I continued to pay my staff out of my business funds then fortunately I qualified for the Small Business Loan to continue to pay them the full wages until we reopened mid-March.  We survived a short shutdown. Whew!

Now how do I keep everyone safe and virus free…  Well, as usual, all the equipment and sterilization process continued as before with enhancements.  Germwrap is a fantastic company that sterilizes my spa for a thorough disinfecting process.  The appointments are spaced to allow a thorough cleaning between clients and time between clients to decrease any potential exposure to everyone.  All clients wear a mask upon entry and answer a screening protocol and temperature check, with hand washing or sterilization.  We encourage home on line use of the website to fill out any documents and consents. For those who have struggled with the program, we help them at the spa and disinfect all tablets before and after each use.  We space appointments to prevent any socialization and contact in the waiting area to maintain at least 6 feet spacing or no contact with other clients.  The staff all wear masks and either safety goggles or a shield during services to protect the clients and themselves.  Safety is paramount to my client experience, they deserve the very best we have to offer.

It’s an honor system…  The staff knows to contact me if they are not well and must be screened when they clock in.  As the COVID safety officer, I log everyone’s temperature including mine.  The clients get a reminder call the day before their appointment and are given screening questions to ensure they feel well before coming to the spa.  Fortunately, everyone has been GREAT and call if they have COVID or feel they have been exposed.  We keep track of these people and contact them after 10 days from their first symptom to get them in for their treatment.  We know their treatments are important and help make everyone feel “normal” and look fantastic so this is IMPORTANT.  People are good and honest and want to help us stay safe.  I appreciate everyone for their honesty and transparency with their symptoms.

I make yearly goals for the spa.  I want to bring in a new treatment which is AMAZING.  Radio-frequency micro-needling.  It’s like micro-needling on steroids!  It treats fine lines and wrinkles, texture, scarring, and tightens skin.  COVID put a small kink in that plan but its coming everyone.  We will keep you up to date. It is an exciting treatment and it’s going to enhance the current services we offer.  My current goal is all about perseverance.  COVID will pass and we will be running full blast again.  But for now, we slow the pace, keep it safe, continue treatments, and plan for 2021.

This BLOG reveals the vulnerability of the spa, but I know I’m not alone.  Some businesses have closed permanently.  Some individuals have fought the fight to keep doors open and have lost the battle.  I’m stubborn and made of grit.  Doucet Med Spa will survive and thrive despite Coronavirus.  Hang in there everyone, 2021 will be a better year.  Let’s take care of each other, stay safe, and never lose hope.  I know the risks you take coming for your treatments, but know I have your best interest in mind and we are doing all we can to keep you safe.

Until next time…

Dr. Doucet

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