Tips on Lip Enhancement & Lip Care

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August 3, 2020
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Tips on Lip Enhancement & Lip Care

Today I want to focus on the lip.  In particular, I want to discuss lip enhancement and lip care.  As individuals age, the supporting skin around the lips weakens, and the lip volume in general decreases. This fact, with the compounding trend of fuller lips, is creating a demand for lip enhancement.  Here are some guidelines if you are considering lip treatment.

Lips, just like skin, has to be protected from dryness and the sun.  All lip applications should have SPF 35 or greater to protect them from harmful damage from the sun.  Hydration is a critical factor in the lips.  The topical products should be hydrating and don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated with adequate water intake.  Lip care includes using a lip exfoliant to help skin turnover and stay fresh.

My opinion is that everyone would benefit from lip filler, especially once the aging changes begin to occur to the lips.  Adding hyaluronic acid fillers with different techniques applied in different locations will support a youthful appearance to the lips.

I want to inform you of a few guidelines before lip enhancement.  Refrain from taking any form of blood thinner, preferably two weeks before your injection.  This will decrease potential bruising and bleeding from the treatment.  Come in for your treatment with no cosmetic applications on the area being injected and have clean skin.

On the day of the enhancement, topical anesthesia with compounded creams to numb the area is usually applied.  The area injected is cleaned then sterilized before the enhancement.  After the procedure, ice packs may be applied to decrease swelling and bruising, and hydrating cream is applied.  Always be prepared for bruising and swelling from the service.  These expectations are usually disclosed to you on the consent forms that are signed before the treatment.  I recommend a hydrating cream for 24 hours than everyday lipstick and glosses can be applied the following day.

For two to three days after the treatment, your lips may be swollen and sore.  This usually resolves quickly.  Now you can enjoy your glorious new lips.  At Doucet Med Spa, we tailor your lip treatment to your desires and expectations with our expertise as a guide.

For those who want an excellent lip conditioning service, try the iS Clinical Lip Duo that exfoliates, hydrates, and conditions the lips.  This fantastic package combines vitamin E and shea butter to minimize the appearance of lip wrinkles, alleviate dehydrated skin, and protect against environmental damage.  For those of you undergoing lip filler, this powerful duo will enhance the final look.

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If you have any concerns about your lip enhancement or lip care in general, ask your expert provider for their input. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook at DoucetMedSpa and call us anytime for a consultation at 361-400-2290.


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