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Our Medical Director

Dr. Roxanna Villarreal Doucet, MD, FACOG
Dr. “Roxie” Doucet graduated from the University of Texas with her B.S. in Nursing and went on to receive her Medical Degree from the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio. She completed her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Shortly after joining Coastal Bend Women’s Center, Dr. Doucet became excited about the opportunity to offer aesthetic services to complement her practice so she expanded her knowledge and became extremely proficient in many aesthetic procedures including Laser Therapy, BOTOX Cosmetic and JUVEDERM Cosmetic Dermal Filler. She is also an advocate of total well-being and promotes Wellness International nutritional supplements. She is extremely involved in the spa and is devoted to helping as many people as she can look and feel their best.

Our Staff

Britt Orzechowski, Spa Manager
Britt’s passion is to help people look and feel their absolute best inside and out. Her goal is to ensure that each and every client is treated with the best of care and service. She is a graduate of Texas State, and has over 17 years of experience in sales and marketing in Health, Fitness, and Beauty. She owned her own successful business as a Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist, bringing valuable knowledge in providing customers with an extraordinary experience and great results.
Brenda Cortez, Clinical Esthetician
Brenda is a Licensed Esthetician with over 10 years of clinical experience.  She began her career with an  internship at The Chicago Center for Facial Plastic Surgery and has since worked with three local physicians performing advanced Medical Esthetics.  Her specialty is corrective therapy that delivers safe and aggressive results.  She loves to cook, run and spend time with her family.. She has valuable experience in a variety of skincare treatments including Laser/IPL Therapy, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, BOTOX Cosmetic, and JUVEDERM Cosmetic. Brenda is dedicated to helping clients address their skincare needs to look and feel beautiful.
Victoria Wilson, Clinical Esthetician
Victoria is a Licensed Esthetician with 10 years of experience performing Medical Esthetic procedures with an emphasis on Laser Therapy. She is extremely knowledgeable in skin assessment and an expert in creating effective treatment plans. Victoria is friendly, respectful and easy to talk to. She is a fitness fanatic, lover of nature and treasures time spent with her family. She has a passion for skincare and a natural ability to help clients understand how to care for their skin and to help them look and feel beautiful. Her goal is to ensure that each and every client achieves the best possible results through complete consultation and customized skincare treatment plans.
April Quintero, Skincare Specialist
Brenda, our fashion forward “Q-T” as we call her joined our team in 2014 as our Guest Coordinator and has been promoted to a dual position of both Guest Coordinator and Skincare Specialist. She has over 10 years of experience in the Beauty Industry and prides herself in attention to detail and thoroughness when it comes to performing all skin care treatments. She is a fabulous make-up artist and is a full-time Mommy to her daughter Aubrey.
Miranda Barrett RNMiranda Barrett, RN
Miranda Barrett is a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist. We are so lucky to welcome her to our team of Aesthetic professionals. Soon after she obtained her Applied Science Degree in Nursing in 2005 where she graduated Cum Laude, she became excited when she was introduced to the world of Aesthetic medicine and has since spent her career helping others achieve their goals in wrinkle reduction and facial contouring. She is an expert in consultation and knows exactly how to achieve great results.
Miranda has over 8 years of experience in advanced injection techniques with Neurotoxins (Botox) and dermal fillers and has interned with Dr. Doucet to further her education and level of care. She takes her time to thoroughly listen to each patient’s needs and has a gentle touch that puts everyone at ease. Miranda is a breath of fresh air and she is a true professional.